Wednesday, May 17, 2006

FO Alert!!

Posted by Neuroknitter

I have been a busy girl knitting away on a variety of socks! Here's what I have to report thus far:

I finished my first pair of Poms for the Pomatomus KAL. (Edited to add: These socks were knit in STR light weight, to date they are a 'Rare Gem' colorway of blues, a splash of turquoise, violet and a sparkle of yellow). Please note, these are by far and away not my last pair of poms!!! I just have to give a big 'ol nod to Cookie! I've knit a lot of socks. Alot! I've written patterns for socks. I've taught others to knit socks. I'm definitely not a stranger to socks. This is the best written pattern I have come across!! AND.....These socks have been a total blast to knit....AND.....They fit perfectly!!! Thank you Cookie for sharing your talents with us!!

Here is a finished pair of heavy weight STR in 'Spring Fling' purchased from Coastal Yarns in Cannon Beach, OR (NAYY).

Here are my light weight STR 'Marbles' purchased from another LYS in PDX!

I have started "Hedera", also a Cookie pattern, in light weight STR 'County Clare'...I think....

And...last but not least, I have started another Pom. This pair will be gifted out. The yarn is a gorgeous orangey-yellow superwash merino from Woolarina. I am loving this is gorgeous, soft, and comes in a generous put-up of around 400 yards. This sock also fits perfectly thus far!!

So there you have it....Next up: The second installment of the BMFA STR Sock Club!!!

Happy Knitting!!!


shannon said...

all hail the sock, wow, wow, woman, i am blown away by your sockity-goodness, and i have met all of these beauties. the photo of the goldfish pom is really really fantastic.

you are amazing

Wool Girl said...

This is the post I have been waiting for! You are just awesome, simply and amazingly awesome!


Anonymous said...

Holy Guacamole, those are fabulous socks! So the heavyweight is better for the Poms, huh?

Emma said...

The Poms are beautiful! And starting another pair already. Wow, very admirable.

knitfriendly said...

Your Poms are gorgeous!! Thanks for coming and leaving a comment on my blog. I too, am anxiously awaiting the next shipment of STR! :)

Acornbud said...

Wow great socks! Those poms are getting more and more intriguing. I love the way it shows off the variegated yarns. Who would have thunk?