Wednesday, May 24, 2006

just call me ramblin' rose...

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fast and furious knitting has reached a fever pitch here at the usual suspects are all here: nk is churning out the socks like she's getting paid for it; wg has not only moved house (literally), but has finished her cc's and casted on fairgrounds; e is wearing her rogue daily, after successfully NOT making me feel like sh*t because i still have no rogue sleeves (she's waaaay too sweet for that); j has almost finished (heck, may have already finished - the girl is outta town) her second pair of socks; and i, ladies and gentlemen, i have successfully reverse-psychologized myself into finishing some of my wedding-related knitting. i hope we don't have any wedding crashers, hee, hee.

ok, ok, even i am getting sick of this not-so-clever movie linking thing...

i guess all i needed was to give up, which is what i did on my last post. i finally verbalized the fear that i would not finish what i had promised myself i would finish before my wedding day, which is approaching at a pace that i find altogether too rapid. (cape fear) (okay, that's the last one) almost immediately upon sending that post into the ether (ie internet-ville), i actually felt like working on the project again (not being able to concentrate on the pattern was the major problem i was having). after giving up, i felt so much like working on the project that i went from measly-peasly almost nothingness to full completion in one short weekend. (to further complicate matters, because matters simply NEED to be more complex, i cannot really talk about the knitting i have been doing. not here, not on the blog. little pitchers, and whatnot).

and now, now, i will prepare myself to get cocky once again. i really can't help myself; my mind is all over the place, plotting out other wedding-related projects: "yeah, i will do this for him, and this for her, and, oh, he sure does deserve some of these..." i need to get right back on that reality bus, because the path to madness is paved with unrealistic knitting goals.

getting back to more realistic projects already on the needles, the BMFA STR spring flingers (mediumweight), the lil' sisters to nk's recently-completed spring fling heavyweights, are looking good. both feet are almost done, and i do believe heels will be turned with impunity this weekend. damn the torpedos, full speed ahead, and all that jazz, cuz i need to finish these buggers so i can cast on the newest str sock club acquisition, fairgrounds!!! (don't want to shell out the bucks for another pair of addi #2s, dontcha know) i won't talk too much about this yarn, because i believe our very own nk did a fantastic job of orienting us all to the package, and someone, (gosh, now i can't find it), wrote the most beautiful ode to the yarn, and nk marathoned some knitting this weekend and finished one whole sock, and wg wound AND casted on a sock, in a different pattern that is oh, so, beautiful, and i am sooo in love with this colorway, and so envious of the contest winner, because all of the spring colors are so...alive and vibrant and even seeing them on a computer screen fills me with happiness and...hope (hopeful like spring) - is that just too cheesy for words? yes, it is. but they do, they really really do. do you have that sometimes, do you get a feeling from seeing yarn, or a knitted object, that just fills you with happy thoughts? i got that feeling from the orange-yellow-goldfish poms nk is working on, just the sight of those socks makes me happy. and that is how i felt when i opened the package from bmfa and saw those fairgrounds smiling up at me. happy day in the morning, as my gram would've said.

if you came here at all, you most certainly did NOT come to listen to me ramble on and on and on, you most likely came to see photos, so without further adieu (drumroll, please)...

Spring Fling stitches - mmm, mmm, good

the ball of spring fling

my very own wedding project - this is as close as i am prepared to
get to showing this project on this blog
but what is that, marking stitches, could it be...

SUSHI!!! from amyville. i bought these quite a while ago,
and they, too, make me happy when i see them and happier
when i use them


NeuroKnitter said...

Great post more movie thing for you tho...I can't believe you didn't add this yourself....Hope Springs with who other than-COLIN FIRTH!!! heehee, couldn't help it. WG, I'm not gonna let you get away with dissing my man CF!! :)

Wool Girl said...

Well, well, well.........what a great post! I love all of your movie links! You need to keep going with that theme! Your photos are awesome -love the Spring if only the sun would return to us here in Oregon and we could enjoy more of this Spring Fling stuff. Can't wait to see your mystery project in action too...Loved everything!