Friday, May 26, 2006

Response to Colin Who?????

Posted by Neuroknitter

Enough said!!!! :)
Dearest WG--No worries about dissing on my man Colin!! I don't get mad, I get even!!!ROTFLOL!!! So, I'm loving that Mr. Frick (see the comments)!!! Now that's the the right attitude! I might have to steal that line and use it around the halls around here, whaddayathink WG??? In honor of CF, I'm putting the pic from above back on my desktop for daily viewing!!! The angst! The pain! The L.O.V.E....He just can't remove Elizabeth from of his head and heart....And when he runs into her at Pemberley, dripping wet from the pond...OMG!!! Love. It. Love it! That is the Darcy way!!

I'll leave you with a pic of what I affectionately call "the Look" when I give newbie viewers my own personal 'Director's cut' imitation. I have heard I am more entertaining than the movie... ;)

Have a grand holiday weekend everyone!

Happy Knitting!

I'll be glued to 6, 12 maybe 18 hours of Mr. Darcy!!!


Anonymous said...

Blargity, I love Colin Firth.

Wool Girl said...

Your post just says it all, NK. Love the photos you included....he actually can look quite handsome without some hideous wig on. :) Each to his own, I guess. You are very cute with your obsession and love of him. He would be very proud of your devotion! wg