Saturday, May 20, 2006

'Fairgrounds' has arrived!!!!

Posted by Neuroknitter

Good Morning! And what a glorious morning it is..."why?" you might ask....look what I have!!! 'Fairgrounds', in my much beloved, and so very missed, medium weight STR!!! Oh Yay Tina, fibergoddess extraordinary!!!

Gibson has given his approval!!

It's all balled up and ready to go!!!

We have a cuff with a picot edge! Oh joy!!!

Ankle Dressing!! The postcard (top left) is from a photo taken by our own Shannon of Weheartyarn!!! woo hoo Shannon!!!

You can never have too many shots of picot edges!

I have a bet with my DH that I can finish one sock this weekend. I'm loving the colorwave and am looking forward to knitting the pattern! The linen stitch is a lovely way to show case the different nuances in color! Another fine job by BMFA!!! Thanks!!!

In other knitting related news...I spent the afternoon visiting with my friend Sandi--the talented proprietress of Farmhouse Knit Shop in Beaverton, OR--knitting and chatting!! The perfect Saturday afternoon! Thanks Sandi!

One last picot shot....promise!!!

Back to knitting or DH will win the bet and I'll have to mow the lawn or something!! :)

Happy knitting!!


shannon said...

YOU. are. amazing.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful pics! Pure torture until my box arrives!

Wool Girl said...

Love your socks and progress, NK! Wow, you are such a speed demon! Can't wait to see them in person! Interesting...I did not get those postcards - got completely different ones.