Monday, August 16, 2010

chillin' out at chez nk

We're supposed to hit the century mark today...i.e. it's going to be sizzling hot.

What do you do to ward off the heat?

Hit the beach?

Maybe travel somewhere

green, cool

and wet?

Or do you reminisce about winters gone by and wish for their return, if even for the moment?

Me? I hit the photoarchives and pull out anything that inspires knitting, hot cocoa (with whip) and layer upon layer of clothing!

Happy Monday!!

The poetry of the earth is never dead.
~John Keats

Water fall images were from a photo field trip to Elowah Falls in May 2010.


Carolyn Parker said...

I adore this post-- indeed cooling-- was it really sizzling hot up there?

Is that top photo a scan or did you do that G??? I really like it!

Jane said...

Hihi your so funny. Lovely post. Have a cool Monday.

Susan (florali) said...

I feel cooler! Love the Keats quote.

IrishGirlieKnits said...

I want snow!! absolutely perfect post :)

Fall will be here soon...

Rani said...

I do love winter - don't get me wrong. And those first blustery days of Autumn are some of my favorite times. But those days are so long and dark and summer is so warm and, how did you put it, green cool.

I will be grabbing my inner-tube and you'll find me floating around the bay.

Judy S. said...

It's much cooler here now; how 'bout you? We cooled off at MT. Rainier....lots of skeeters though.