Saturday, March 18, 2006


At this point, on a Saturday evening, we are all content.

There's even some snoring involved (not sure if it's coming from the cat or the dog, but needless to say, someone is having sweet dreams!)

I am also content~ but not just content. Happy, overjoyed,, none of these are words I would describe myself as right this second. I guess the appropriate word would be ESTATIC! The STR Rockin Sock Club package arrived today, full of wonderful suprises, including the first pattern of many and some luscious STR yarn (Rainforest Jasper), a binder, keychain, pin, and bumper sticker. I can't tell you how fast I ran back from the mailbox with my package, ready to open it up to discover what was inside! The yarn is beautiful...just beautiful!

Here's a sneak peek of some of the goodies, along with a brief look at the start of the Cedar Creek Socks pattern, designed by Kaci Kyler Hays (more postings on this later):


Anna said...

*EEEEYACK* You ruined the surprise!!! I should be careful reading blogs when it's sock club time. ;) S'ok. I'm still hoping for mine to come on Monday!

Wool Girl said...

Yes, I debated about whether to post on this, but after being talked into it by others (no names mentioned) I decided to go ahead and post). Sorry....


Neuroknitter said...

I have to see this in person! It looks fantabulous and a half. Oh, the temptation! You all are such a bad influence on me!

shannon said...

Well. Lookie-here. How very wonderful. I am in LOVE with this yarn, with the colorway the masters have dyed for us. I am soooo glad and not the least bit regretful that I joined the club. Whoot-whoot!