Saturday, March 04, 2006

Mass Transit Knitting

Ahh…knitting.  What a wonderful hobby, what a grand endeavor, what a beautiful way to spend a few hours.  Thursday, I was on the bus, the worst and slowest bus ever, but that’s the way I had to go to get to where I was going, so I made the most of it (I was one of the few, the proud, who actually had a seat for the first 15 minutes of the ride, so I can’t bitch too much).  I was happily knitting away on my socks (yeah, I am working on a different pair of socks, a pair I have not yet blogged about, WHO CARES?!?), probably smiling, and this small girl came up, plopped down in the seat in front of me, and said “whatcha knittin’?  “Socks,” I said, and she proceeded to tell me that her teacher, Mrs. So-and-So, (you know, she has brown hair and glasses?) taught her how to knit a few years ago on pencils.  Then, this past year, Mrs. So-y-So (I believe she said this one was blond and tall) re-taught her how to knit, and she just loves it.  “You won’t believe this, but I have been knitting for four years and just learned how to purl!” she exclaimed.  I told her that those were really the only things she needs to know, how to knit and how to purl, in order to tackle anything in the knitting universe, and that if she keeps it up, she will be a master knitter by the time she’s my age, and she asked me how old I was.  “31.”  “I’m 13,” she said, to which we both exclaimed, at the same time, “we are opposites!”

Here are the socks, which I finished last night. More on the socks later, because these are THE Socks that Rock for me, the quintessential, the yarn that made me want to become a sock knitter.


Construction: Two-at-once Toe-Up socks, with a K3, P1 rib
Yarn: Socks that Rock, Farmhouse colorway
Who for: MEEEEE

Oh, and the tiara at the top of the screen? My Olympic medal from S.


Anonymous said...

Are you wearing that at the wedding????
Very sweet of him.
I called some friends the other day who know nothing of the blog and when they answered the phone, immediately asked if I was in the Knitting Olympics.
They had heard Stephanie interviewed on CBC radio.
You're socks turned out well! I'm still entirely baffled by how you managed to do 2 socks, 2 needles, and 2 different colors on each sock all at the same time, though.
Nice post about your Mom's/Dad's socks, too.

Wool Girl said...

Love your socks S! You are such a speed knitter! wg