Monday, March 13, 2006

Knitting? What's that?

Twas a very knitting-less weekend at Chez S, and my hands feel weird. They miss the needles, they miss the stitches, the double-decreases, the yarn. I had a busy weekend, to be sure, but knitting? No. Sadly, there was not much time for knitting. Shopping, yes. For a wedding dress. Si, senoritas. There were…problems with the seamstress I was going to use to make my dress. The biggest two being that she is a crazy bitch, and she doesn’t seem to know what the f*ck she’s doing. So, I had to dump the hoe. And now, 3 months before my wedding, I have to get a dress. So, my sister and I did the wedding dress store thang all weekend long.

What am I knitting on, or, I guess the proper question is what have I NOT been knitting on?

Jaywalkers in STR Marbles (WG is making some, too, and possibly Knitting Iris)

A mystery-ish project

and, well

Rogue, right? I guess not, as nothing Rogue-ish is on the needles right now, but casting on the arms has been dancing, dancing, dancing inside of my head for a while. E said she did it, casted on, so I must get on the old ball, eh? This week, at some point, I will cast on some Rogue-y arms. Because they will be Rogue-tastic. And Rogue-erific. And Rogue-y. Rogue-idicious. Rogue-iculous. Rogue-o-rama.

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Neuroknitter said...

Yeah! Rogue sleeves we shall conquer thee!