Thursday, March 02, 2006

Jaywalkers: a 12 step plan

1. Meet S at the Sapphire Hotel for our traditional Tuesday night drinks and knitting.
2. Both order a ginger vodka and soda.
3. Brainstorm while tipsy and formulate a plan for the final stroke of brillance that will transform jaywalkers into something wearable for those with narrow feet/high insteps/cankles.
4. Try to implement plan and horribly mangle a few rows.
5. Give up and chat instead.
6. Walk home.
7. Go to sleep for 12 hours. (I feel I should stress I had one drink. I'm not a lush, just a ridiculously easy date.)
6. Awake refreshed and revitalized.
7. Implement a few tentative rows of plan.
8. Post to blog that a solution is in the works! come...
9. Finish socks.
10. Confirm fit.
11. Write up pattern modification.
12. Share with my narrow-footed brethren!


shannon said...

I dig that plan, E - I personally know quite a few narrow footed lassies who will follow your notes with excitement!

So, what step are you on right now?

NeuroKnitter said...

Can't wait to read about your fix. Mine worked, but it was a PITA and the socks aren't an attractive shape while off the foot! Can't wait to see yours...I would even try another J-walker...!!! Knit on! Knit fast!