Saturday, March 18, 2006

More rogue sleeves

As promised: photos of the rogue sleeves... or at this point, really just sleeve-lets... or sleeve-nubs... or sleeve-ettes.

I've decided that the perfect place to have the break between the two circular needles is just before the purl stitch in the k2p1k2 border of the cable panel. That way your tension stays nice and even, plus all the increases are on one side together.

I think I've got my increases down now - thanks to Michelle and Shannon and Julie! Most important was to do the ones at the beginning and end of the rows one st in. I do that when I knit flat, but didn't think about it since this was in the round. But it's still important! I've also decided that the best aesthetic result is to do the left slanting increases on inc #1 and 3, so at the beginning of the row and after the cable panel; and the right slanting increases on inc #2 and 4, before the cable panel and at the end of the row. Left slanting I'm doing as pu grandparent loop (loop two below one on needle) then ktbl. Right slanting I'm doing as pu parent loop (loop below one on needle), twist (counter clockwise) and knit. You told me to put my obsessiveness to good use for you, S!

And thanks as always to my photo assistant...


Turtle said...

I love the color of your rogue! and your dog is soooo cute!!

shannon said...

Oh, E, you are such a great k-a-l-er. I must strive to match your stick-to-it-iveness and stamina. this weekend, maybe before, I will cast me some rogue-sleeves on dee needles. Yours look mahvelous, dahling, simply mahvelous!

Wool Girl said...

These sleeves are so gorgeous! I love the color you've chosen for this's going to be so beautiful!