Sunday, March 05, 2006

Nemesis, or, jaywalkers version 2,945

Jaywalker is out to get me. I cannot even bear to post photos. I made my oh-so-clever modifications and now they are way too big. Perhaps I can blame this go round on the ginger vodka. Once again, Shannon had to talk me down from a knitting ledge. I tore them out, once again, and I think I have it this time. I guess. Basically I just added a stitch to each panel of the pattern right before the heel. This is totally invisable, so at least that worked out. Then after the heel I knit about 1.5" until it was at the nub of my heel. Then I switched to 2s (I'm using addi turbos). I think this will work. Once I have finally friggin finished them I will post a thorough description. But I'm not counting these impish chickens until they're hatched. Will discuss with the girls at our KIP (knitting in public) session today.

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shannon said...

I am so proud of you, E, for persevering when others (like, for instance, ME) would definitely have thrown in the towel and made some boring old stockinette or simply-ribbed socks. You go, girl, you go. Soon enough you will be Jaywalkin' like you mean it!