Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Rogue sleeves

Quick post on things I've learned from starting the Rogue sleeves... We're doing them two-at once on two dp needles, which is pretty wicked cool. Photos on the way!
1. I started by casting on the full 39, but eventually decided that S was right and one should subtract 2 sts to account for not having a seam.
2. I also started by splitting the tube sts with half of each row on each needle. That is, the first half of each row on needle 1 and the second half on needle 2. However, once the cabling began in earnest, I realized this was no good because it meant the middle cable was split between needles. So, I'd recommend splitting the rows so that all of the chart D cable panel is on the same needle, with the other needle containing the stocking stitch portions. This means you'll need a stitch marker in the middle indicating the beginning of a new "row". I thought this was going to be confusing, but it's not.
3. This is more of a discussion point. I've been doing the increase rows using my favorite increase where you knit into the parent loop to make right slanted and the grandparent loop to make left slanted. I've been doing the first two increases (right of the cable panel) right slanted and the second two (left of the cable panel) left slanted. It looks pretty good, but I'd love to hear if there are better ideas!

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shannon said...

I am so glad I sat on my ass and let you begin the process on these sleeves - much less work if you are blazing the way, cutting the trail, figuring out what and when and where to do it! Did you bring them in today? I would love to see how they are doing. NO, I have not yet casted on, but am planning on doing so this weekend.