Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Mixin' and Knittin' and Sittin' on my can

TMI on that whole wedding-dress debacle?  Perhaps, but, ladies, I was PISSED.  Oh, well.  Thanks to everyone who came by to make sure I wasn’t about to jump off the nearest bridge (Portland has quite a few to choose from, FYI).  In all honesty, it was a blessing in disguise, because this woman was not capable of doing what she had promised, and the dress I found is spectacular.  I put it on and felt instantly gorgeous, like a real bride.

Hee, hee.

And now, let’s move to the wonderful world of knitting, because that is what this blog was made for.  My knitting is actually going well.  I am knee-deep in this super-duper, crazy-secret project that I can’t discuss here. (I’d tell ya, but then I’d have to kill ya, you know how that goes).  Worked on it this weekend, and really did get quite a bit done.  S and I also worked on a mix CD I made for my college friends, who have a big ole mix CD exchange thang goin’ on.  (I sent out 24 copies of the mix, to locations all over the greater US.  This project is HUGE.  HUGE, I tell ya!  If you want to check it out, just swing on over to www.cavecompany.com/athensmix.  2 cool 4 color TV).  S designed the cover and I burned the heck outta some CDs.  I will post the cover in the next few days.  It’s pretty dope, if I do say so myself.  I did some Jaywalkin’, too, and didn’t even get a citation from the authorities.  I have been thinking about this, and hold onto your hats as I make this revelation to ya’ll: this may just be my last pair of Jaywalkers.  Oh, how I love the pattern, the not-so-stockinette-y stockinettedness of it.  The easy complexity.  The sheer quickness of knitting up a Jaywalker sock or two. (or, let’s be honest, 6, and working on making it 8).  Quite loverly.  I have faced the fact, though, that it may be time to move onto something else.  The new Socks that Rock sockclub package arrived, as WG so lovingly shared, and that yarn is beckoning to me.  The colors are fantastic, and my colors, actually (green, brown, ooh, yummy).  The pattern is very beautiful, too, although I am already thinking about how to change it to a toe-up, short-row heel, two-at-a-time kind of thing.  That’s how I like to make socks, dontcha know, and I am not sure I want to go back to the top-down way of socking it to the man at this point in my knitting career.  So, I will have to ponder that.  AFTER finishing my little mystery project, and starting those Rogue sleeves (you go, E, you go. You are truly the inspiration in my rogue life – “you’re the meaning in my life, you’re the inspiration…” name THAT tune).  

WE HEART YARN NEWSFLASH: We here at We Heart Yarn are a fickle bunch, never content to leave well enough alone. Which is why we have invited a 5th member into the mix.  Miz J, a very talented knitter and a hell of a great cook, is joining our ranks in the next few days.  She is a true pleasure to be around, and we all totally heart her to bits and pieces, and cannot wait until it is official (there is still the blood test, the WHY tattoo, and the finger-printing and background check to get through, but we are confident she will pass all tests.  Although, gosh, I forgot about the psychological test.  Not quite sure she will pass that one.  

Ps. She has not yet accepted our gracious invitation to join the ranks, so be prepared for a pretty in-depth smear campaign if she refuses our offer.

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