Thursday, April 13, 2006

Cedar Creek Toe-Up Mods, for Donna

Donna left a comment wondering about the modifications I made on the Cedar Creeks, to fit my toe-up addiction.

First, I started from the toe with 34 stitches on the top and 30 on the bottom of the foot. The top stitches were my pattern stitches, with a purl on each side (I worked the pattern 2x, plus another repeat of the twists, with a purl at the end).

I started the heel when the sock foot hit that bone at the top of the instep, you know that bone that angles your foot just a bit. I worked the short-row heel, and on the first real row after working it, I added a stitch to the top of each sock, one stitch in from my needle join. So, I am working my sock leg with 35 stitches on the "top" and staying steady at 30 on the "bottom." (i.e. the front and back of the leg).

Hope that helps with any others who simply cannot follow patterns as they are written, no matter HOW well they are written, like me. And especially for those who do not have a NeuroKnitter right around the corner to bounce ideas off of (thanks again for helping me figure this out, NK).


Anonymous said...

Shannon, thank you so much for the details you provided. I have another question, though---Did you reverse the stitch pattern because you did them toe-up?
Thanks again,

shannon said...

No, donnna - I actually didn't have to reverse the stitch pattern at all. they turned out the same as my co-bloggers who are doing them cuff down.