Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Cool, Uncool, Lame, Uber-lame, who really gives a hoot? We are all dorks in WeHeartYarn-ville.

You are so uncool-y cool, and so cool-y uncool, that I can’t even keep things straight anymore, E! Here is my philosophy on cool v. uncool cool v. just plain uncool: do what you like, what makes you happy, and f*ck everybody who thinks you suck, and, just for the heck of it, f*ck everybody who thinks you are trying to be cool by knitting on the bus. (In my opinion, the bus is one of the best places to knit, especially if life is doing that thing life does by getting stressful and busy. Bus knitting is the most satisfying way to not waste time). My nickname in college was either “Aunt Shan,” or “Shan-maw,” and I have never felt truly “uncool” in my life (well, there were the early teenage years, which are a living hell no matter which way you slice them, but, although I often felt awkward, ugly, and ungainly, I am not sure I ever felt either cool or uncool - just kind of middle ground). To the outside observer (read: everyone who has eyes that work), I have been majorly "uncool" in this life (remember, I was in middle school during the big-hair, blue-eyeshadow, pegged-acid-washed jeans era, and there was NOTHING cool about that time). To be fair to the gospel of truth, because that is what this blog is based on, I have rarely felt “cool,” either, in this life - I leave that to certain fabulous folk who are, and will always be, cool - that group of people that I am self-aware enough to know I am not a member.

As for the rest of last week: purposeful, schmurposeful, that shit is overrated.

I did get an amazing amount of stuff accomplished on Thursday night, mostly due to the fact that I knew my folks were coming into town to celebrate dear sis’s 30th. Of course, cleaning had to happen, as did straightening and a bit of organizing. I handled all of that quite handily, and with knitting time to spare (which makes my hands happy). Time enough to completely confuse myself on my pattern modifications for the Blue Moon STR Sock Club Cedar Creek Rainforest Jasper socks (herein referred to as Cedar Creeks – and, because I started this post prior to NK posting, I see that she and I share the problem of concisely naming this project – we want to include everything, because it is all important, so we end up having a paragraph-sized name). Stubbornly, I will NOT follow the pattern as written, because I have fallen head-over-heels-in-love with Toe-Up Sock Knitting. Which means I do have to modify quite a few things, but, as I am not one to plan or plot, I am kind of winging it. Winging it has its advantages: you don’t have to think too long or hard on a project – you can just have at it, but, although sometimes winging it pays off in a big way, oftentimes it actually doesn’t save you time, as it can easily cause one to just plain fail. Which I did. I figured numbers, counted, drew little schematic-type things, and began knitting. It wasn’t until I had a whole row done that I realized I had READ THE CHART THE WRONG WAY. Now, I am no expert, but I can read a chart, ladies – I have done some lace, some fair isle, some “advanced cables” (see Rogue, if you can find any of my updates for the past few months – ha! but let’s not talk about that right now). Suffice it to say that this is kind of a sophomore mistake for me. So, I came in to work on Friday, and enlisted the help of the inimitable NeuroKnitter, who, although she will not admit it, is probably the most expert knitter I know. She is also a sock goddess, and was able to help me figure out just what the f*ck I was doing.

And, just so this is not one of those boring, word-filled posts with nothing interesting and no photos, I leave you with Marbles Jaywalkers. Heels turned this weekend, legs begun, these babies are really moving now!

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Wool Girl said...

S, I really love these Marbles socks. They are coming out so blue, aren't they, which is really nice! Wow!