Monday, April 24, 2006

"To live is to change, and to be perfect is to have changed often"

- John Henry Newman

Posted by Woolgirl

So, this statement, I have concluded, describes me perfectly, as I have changed my mind on which sock pattern I'm working on almost on a continuous basis these last few months. (I guess this makes me perfect? Not a chance!) It's always something different...whatever I'm in the mood for on which day at which time. Isn't that how it's supposed to be? I tend to get bored if I just work on the same pattern day in and day out. I've decided that I need to design a sock that includes many different patterns, colors, etc...the perfect sock! Something to keep me entertained always.

I'm currently working on the Pomatomus Socks (see attached knit along button). Actually, I just started them, and have only done a few rows of the first pattern repeat, so I can't really classify myself as really working on these yet, but I've started, have them on the needles, so that classifies as "working on", correct? (Photos to come in the next couple of weeks).

I'm working on a secret pair of socks for my mom for mother's day...these are top secret, so will post pictures after they're complete and on her feet. One hint..I am using Sundara color hints yet.

Of course, I'm still working on my Cedar Creeks. And, just turned the heel on the second one, so my first Cedar Creek almost has a twin! Woo hoo! Can't wait till these beauties are off the needles and on my feet!

Started a pair of regular knit socks, toe up, in Lagoon Heavy Weight STR, for a special someone. Will include photos of those as they progress.

Also started a pair of regular knit socks, toe up, in this wonderfully beautiful yellowy orange sock yarn from Again, will post photos as soon as these progress a little more. NK and I purchased this yarn together, and of course, she is much further along than I am on the project we had planned for this yarn (in fact, I completely changed the project around and am working on a completely different pattern), so I hope she will post some of her photos of her project, as it's off the hook amazing! NK, Where are YOU? I expect a post from you in the next day or so!

I've made some recent additions to my yarn stash, some purchases that I'm very excited about....

Lovely, and I mean, lovely, Emerald Queen sock yarn from Sundara Yarn. This yarn is so beautiful and has the best mix of colors in it. This yarn really rocks, and if you get a chance to purchase some Sundara Yarn, you absolutely should. It's amazing....

And, I made a trip to the infamous Farmhouse Knits in Beaverton, OR
this weekend, and couldn't leave w/o purchasing something.
And, the beautiful colors of STR they have are just too awesome to pass up!
So, I've added some Prove It All Night lightweight to my collection.

I'm sure I will find the time to start and not complete yet another project. (It's all about the process, it's all about the process, it's all about the process) Knit on!


Emma said...

The yarns are beautiful! I've been wanting to try Sundar. So jealous. Good luck with the Pomatomi.

shannon said...

Wonderful, WG, simply mahvelous! We all have problems with the whole "multiple projects on the needles" thing here at WHY, don't we? Some more than others (I am thinking of you, NK, and me as being the worst of the bunch). Can't wait to see the progress on your many pairs of socks, girl.