Thursday, April 20, 2006

Stop the Presses

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The Cedar Creeks are done. And, boy, do I heart them. I heart the pattern, I heart the yarn, I heart the picot edge. I never realized how not difficult picot is. It looks like it would take some serious futzing, but - viola! not so much.

As I said before, the NK helped me figure out the toe-up mods, and it was purty easy-breezy. The above photo is right after the picot row. For Donna, you basically just reverse the directions - I did a few more rows before and after the picot row (6 instead of the 3 called for in the pattern), and then I did the EZ sewn cast-off and sewed the top of the sock down. Gorgeous.

This is S posing with the sock (on my foot, nonetheless)

Finished socks, on my tootsies

And the jumble that is a finished pair of socks.

Note the picot.

The picot is amazing.


NeuroKnitter said...

Yay S!!! Beautiful finished socks!!! Your picots are truly outstanding! I can't wait to see you modeling them tomorrow!! Yippy skippy!!!

Wool Girl said...

Love your socks, stripes, and edging! :)
Great job!

Julie said...

Is he kissing your feet? What a sweetie! He must love you(r socks). :-)

Gowgeous picot, just gowgeous.