Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The tulips are confused

I look outside this morning and my poor tulips are confused. Yes, confused. They're popping their little heads up, thinking it's spring, when in actuality we only had a day or so of spring-like weather, then more rain, and they got confused. They thought it was time to come out of winter hiding. But, not yet little tulips...not yet! I'm afraid they are probably too late and will open their little heads anyway. Well, we will love them just the same.

As most of you know, I've been away from work this past week.
Enjoying some time off, working a little here and there, on work,
the house, and knitting, of course. And, have been catching up
on what I've been missing. Yes, I am now an official LOST fan!
I Netflixed the beginning of LOST Season I, and fell in love with it.
How could I have been missing this for the last year or so?
I didn't want to give in to another show I was committed to
watching each week...another Apprentice or Survivor....
another Grey's Anatomy, or another Desperate Housewives.
No, I kept resisting, and trying to ignore the water cooler chat
that evolved around me over the past year about this LOST show.
Could it really be THAT good? After all, I had watched the first episode
of Season I when it first came on, kind of, and didn't think it was for me.
I remember thinking, this is never going to make it!
Well, needless to say, I was so very wrong,
I can't wait to get the rest of the episodes in the mail!
I'm officially addicted.

Also, while on my break, I visited my mom in the
good old town of Roseburg, Oregon (for those of you who don't know where
that is, it's in the southern part of Oregon, about an hour south of Eugene).
I visited their annual craft fair while I was there, not expecting much,
which was good, as I would have been greatly disappointed, but I did
come back with a lovely new addition to my plant collection.
I just couldn't resist this collection of succulents and fell in love with
the arrangement.

So, on to REAL news. I just finished my first Cedar Creek STR sock!
It was such a fun pattern to knit, and the striping really came out lovely...
I actually can't wait to start work on the second...Here are few snapshots:


Neuroknitter said...

Wow! You are the master of striping! Those are great.

Anonymous said...

OMG those stripes are PERFECT. If I could guarantee such stripings I just may change my mind about deviating from the Cedar Creek pattern.

Dave said...

That is The Best Striping Ever ... congratulations!

shannon said...

Wowie-Zowie - gorgeous flowers and picture-perfect striping - yeah, baby! and, you better watch out, because i am in loooove with those succulents.

tapmouse said...

You know, I just left a comment on the KAL, but I just now noticed your previous post illustrating the symmetry of your socks! Do you WORK at getting perfectly matched stiping? My God--incredible!

Mia said...

I noticed that you said you short rowed your socks. Any helpful hints? I am so useds to working socks from the toe-up that I have no clue as to how to make adjustments for a top down short rowed heel. I need to finish at least one of the 4 socks that I have on the needles before I can start my STR socks.

Wool Girl said...

For using the short row heel on these socks, you can just use the same technique as you would if you were knitting the sock toe up, as the short row heel is symmetrical, so will turn out the same whether you are knitting cuff down or toe up. Email me with questions: