Tuesday, April 04, 2006

FO alert: STR KAL CC in RFJ Done!!!

And I thought only us science nerds could communicate in acronyms!!! I'm so wrong!

Hey!!! I'm done!! My CC socks are complete and ready for their debut!!! What is better than one picot edge??? TWO!!

Medium size
Cast on 64 stitches with 2.5 mm dpn
Changed to 2.75 mm after the picot edge
Changed to 2.5 mm for the toe

6-row picot

5.5 inch cuffs
Ended gusset at 64 stitches around

approx. 12.5 g of yarn remaining

Believe me, I knit those toes as fast as I could so I would finish the socks before the yarn ran out!!! :)

I hope y'all enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed knitting them!!


Chris said...

I love the pooling in that last picture! Way to go, you speedy knitter!

gail said...

spectacular socks!!! what a treasure!

Wool Girl said...

NK, these are absolutely to die for! Speedy, speedy, speedy you are!



shannon said...

My goodness, woman - those are fantastically gorgeously wondrous. heart them

Anonymous said...

wow, they look great, thanks for sharing!