Monday, April 03, 2006

Grey's Anatomy

Okay, so someone has to post on this, so it might as well be me. Grey's Anatomy , I'm willing to admit, is one of my favorite shows. Last night the main character, Meredith, and the brilliant ex-model, Izzie, take up knitting.

Izzie does it to knit a sweater (in one day?!) for her patient/beau, Denny (does she know he is also the mysterious father of two ghost-hunting hotties on the WB's Supernatural?).
Meredith knits to vent pent up sexual frustration since she's now trying to be celibate. This just seems to be leading to a really long scarf. At the end of the episode, she meets her dog's vet, Chris O'Donnell, and after a long look starts knitting furiously.

This is just one sign that of late knitting is cool. Or, rather, anti-cool cool if that makes sense. On the one hand this is great because anti-cool cool is the only way I ever had a shot of being cool at all. On the other hand, I just thought I was being anti-cool. This makes me somewhat reticent to knit, say, on the bus. Because now there's this sense that I must be knitting just because I want to be cool. However, as my mom wisely says, NOT doing something because it's cool makes you just as slavishly controled by a fad as DOING something just because it's cool. And in any event I think the amount of times I've just used the word 'cool' demonstrates my enduring not-ness.

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shannon said...

Very cool - I have heard such good things about this show - must check it out.

cool, schmool - keep your eyes peeled for my take on it