Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Give Me My Flowers While I'm Living

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"Give me my flowers while I’m living, let me enjoy them while I can..."

(This blog-post inspired by a fantastically catchy tune by a band called, most aptly, The Knitters).

This weekend, I worked some on my Cedar Creeks, got enough fabric knitted up that all I had to do was figure out the toe-up picot modifications, which I did, thanks to G, aka NeuroKnitter, (thanks, baby!). 13 rows. That is all that awaited me on Monday night.


Monday night was the finals for our bowling league. Can you say: FIRST place? BIG winners? UN-losers? Meaning NO KNITTING AT ALL ON MONDAY. I am one of those people who has played a lot of organized sports in her day, mostly softball, but have never, and I mean NEVER actually won any kind of a championship. Sure, I have “won” some trophies – you know the kind they give to everyone, no matter how athletically able-bodied (or not) one is, in grade school. But actually being on a winning team? Never. (Let’s just look over the fact that my team is a bit…obsessive, and everyone except S and I practice, like, 5 or 6 times a week, and many have taken actual lessons with the resident pro…let’s not talk about that).

And then, last night, E and I met up to do some stitchin' and some bitchin'. Bitchin' must have won out, (most likely due to the massive beer she ordered, and the tall mandarin V&T that magically appeared in front of me), because when I woke up this morning and grabbed my Cedar Creeks, they were pretty much at the same spot as when I put them down on Sunday. (Remember, 13 rows). I am holding steady at about 11 rows now, which means that at this rate, I could be done by...oh, by the first of May. I am going to redouble my efforts, though. Yes, ladies, tonight is for knitting. I have had enough of bowling and boozing - tonight, the boob tube and Cedar Creeks will command my attention.

Because, my feet have, actually been asking, neigh, BEGGING, for some green socks. And if your feet aren't happy, NONE of you is happy.


Anonymous said...

Okay, Shannon. I want to know how to do the toe-up picot edge. Would NeuroKnitter mind if you tell me?
Thanks again,

NeuroKnitter said...

Hey S!
I'm loving your socks!!! They are gorgeous! On a musical note, your post reminded me of a Dan Fogelberg lyric (or is it a line? I'm so bewildered...!)anyway. "Bury me at night, don't waste the day", or something like that (Sorry DF, it has been an awful long time since I've heard that song)...Also, the band the Knitters...heard about them first on a Dwight Yoakam, there you naughty little musical proclivities are out! Knit on!

Good luck with your picots Donna :)