Wednesday, March 15, 2006

What's in your purse???

Well, we all know about purses. Talk about everything but the kitchen sink!! This is nothing compared to what I pack for a day of spinning or weekends with the Twisted Sisters and the Dear Fiber Goddesses!! Trust me, you don't want to know! For one day at work I carry at least 2 projects, you can see the Dragon scale scarf being knit in Baby Cashmere (from Elann), and the cuff of an STR 'Marbles' sock.

Mind you, although I carry these projects with me daily, I never knit on them at work. Never. They are my binkies, my "just in case" projects. I'm comforted knowing that they are just there! However, I have been known to knit on socks when driving off 'pill-hill' when the traffic is backed up beyond all recognition, and cars are stopped longer than they are in motion....these are my knit a few stitches-inch the car forward projects. Enjoy the close-up of the Dragon scale scarf, I was pleased with the photo and had to include it!

Also of FO note, are the finished STR 'Ruby slippers' in heavyweight yarn that I knit for the red hot sizzling sock KAL.

And if you are interested, my purse (a Valentine gift from my dear hubby) is from a new LYS in Portland--Dublin Bay Knitting Company. The bag (Jetsetter) is from Namaste, the makers of the pyrex needles. I. love. it.

So, what's in your purse today?


shannon said...

OOH - I like this challenge! I will post my purse contents later. Love those Red Hot Sizzlin' Socks, NK.

ps did you clean up your purse first, or just snap away?

Wool Girl said...

There is no way I would be able to post my purse in its current state! NK, I love this post! Your photos are awesome, your knitting is those socks! And that Dragon scarf is turning out so lovely!


Anonymous said...

Love the Marbles colorway even in a plain rib pattern. Beautiful.
Thanks for the inspiration. I posted the contents of my bag today, too, thanks to you.

Ana Santiago said...

I am knitting socks in a 2-2 rib with that same yarn (Marbles) and I am very happy with the result. Do you have any recent pictures of those socks?

BTW the red socks are lovely! I didn't think that yarn woudl turn out so pretty (from lookingf at the coloruway in the website). You've tempted me to get it!

tapmouse said...

OMG! Glad to know that I'm not the only person sneaking some knitting in while NOT driving in the car! It does help calm me when I am stuck in traffic or at a actually slows me down and encourages me NOT to run a light! If I catch a red, I get a few stitches in! ;)

LOVE the Marbles STR! Wanted some of that! I got the Ruby Slippers in worsted weight but alas, it sits as an UFO!