Wednesday, October 11, 2006

from the knitting goddess' mouth to my needles...

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the strangest thing happened a few weekends ago, the perfect confluence of timing, luck, fate, and covetousness. i found a pattern to make my str sock club july yarn into.

lemme back up just a bit. a few posts ago, i lamented the fact that i was giving up on the hippie-crunchies. i felt bad. i have met a pair or two of these, and they are quite lovely, i must admit. but, i have been all about "being honest with myself" lately. starting small - i just could not see myself knitting it. too much concentration necessary. so i frogged. i put the yarn down. i ignored it.

fast-forward a week or so. it was a saturday. i was out most of the day, and arrived home to find the newest str kit waiting for me. i ripped it open, practically salivating, because, you know how magnificent it is to get a real, honest-to-goodness package in the mail, to push past all of that crap, all of those bills, those credit card applications, the pleas for money, the junk mail, and actually get something addressed to you that is PERSONAL?!?!??? and, if it's yarn on top of all that, well, there it is, the hot fudge sauce on the ice cream sundae of your day. as i sat at the dining room table, fondling the new yarn, rubbing it on my face, sniffing it, loving it, i heard a little squeak. so quiet that i almost ignored it. there it was again - peaseblossom was calling me, ever so faintly, from her basket. 'why are you forsaking me?' she asked. 'what have i done to make you angry?' and when i didn't acknowledge her, a little louder, "WTF, S, are you gonna ignore me now???" what could i do? i put titania down, gently, and pulled peaseblossom out. i sat her down, and i asked her, what do you want to be, my dear?

meanwhile, in another part of portland, e had been working on some breathtaking socks of her own. she began them on a midwest-bound plane ride and accomplished socktasticity. beaudelaire by, who else, cookie, the masteress of sock patterns, in str amethyst. yummy. i had been coveting them earlier in the week, considering casting on for them, but it wasn't until i read through the information tina had included in the str kit that i realized fate was at work.

of course!

a stunning cookie pattern was in the kit, the perfect companion to september's tatiana colorway. the wheels in my mind were turning so fast, i swear, i could hear them, and i ran to the computer, printed beaudelaire, and turned to peaseblossom, a smile on my face. 'is this what you want to be, peaseblossom, will this pattern make you happy?' she smiled back at me and said, 'f*ck, yeah, girl.'

i also have a sock wars update:

i have killed my target, purly-q, with kindness and some purple socks of doom. i also have finished HER socks, for stickchicky, but have yet to receive an address to send them to.

the socks at the top of the post? bday presents for s.

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Wool Girl said...

Great post girl! Love all of your updates - love what you decided to do with Peaceblossom. And S's b-day socks are gorgeous!