Monday, October 02, 2006


Yesterday, October 1st, the We Heart Yarn bloggers + Iris, started a fabulous KAL of our own - each of us knitting the Rocktober medium weight sock yarn from STR, in a pattern of our own choosing. We plan to post on group progress once each week throughout the month of October, but here's my own personal update.

I have fallen in love with this colorway and these socks...literally! I really love knitting them, finished knitting the first one, and am started on the second. No second sock syndrome this time around for some reason. And WOW, what fabulous striping it produced!

Progress update on another Sweet Georgia sock - Speed Demon Black's gorgeous, just gorgeous! Remember this?

Look at how it knits up!

It has some gorgeous black, smokey grey, white, with hints (and various shades) of purple in it. It's really quite stunning!

Hopefully there are many of you out there who have also decided to join Socktoberfest and knit socks for the entire month! What better excuse do you need?


Anonymous said...

Your pictures are not working!

NeuroKnitter said...

Hi WG! Your Rocktober-Soctoberfest socks are awesome!! Way to go!! Love the Black Orchid, too!!! You are the sock master!! Knit on!! :)

Scoutj said...

I'm not sure how I feel about Socktoberfest after taking almost 30 orders of socktoberfest yarn yesterday! lol