Friday, October 27, 2006

r.i.p. agent s

this just in...

agent s, the highly dangerous globe-trotting nefarious super-duper-under-cover sock warrior extraordinaire, was found murderized in her home last night, after a top-secret meeting and a pizza dinner.

the mode of assassination? priority mail envelope containing a potion designed to kill quickly, quietly, and efficiently. (and oh, so softly)

because of the training agent s has subjected herself to over the years, she has been able to elude assassination since the contract went out on her head at the end of september. her first assasssin was taken out by a rival faction, and then the trail went cold. she was not expecting this hit to be so sudden, nor so brutal. in fact, she intimated to this reporter just last week that she anticipated she would be able to fulfill a few more contracts herself before the war was over. the package containing the poison that was to kill her was sparsely marked. vanessa from sac-town, you have taken out one of this nation's premier hired killers. but there are others out there, so watch your back.

edited to add: the yarn is Schaefer LOLA, in the Twilight in the Woods colorway (thanks, WG!)


bethc said...

bummer... but now you have cool socks!

NeuroKnitter said...

I ditto the above...but I know you should have won Agent S!!

Wool Girl said...

Oh bummer! You got a raw deal, agent S!