Monday, October 16, 2006


the quality or state of being happy

a happy post by wg

Do you remember the Charlie Brown song "Happiness is...finding a pencil, learning to whistle, telling the time...Happiness is....two kinds of ice cream, five different crayons, learning to rhyme!" Charlie Brown ends the song with "Happiness is anyone and anything that is loved by you." Isn't that so true?

Happiness, or my state of happiness I should say, encompases so many things these days. It explains my state of being when I'm knitting, that's for sure, but it also describes and entails so many more aspects of my life. I watch my dog sleeping, and that's happiness. I'm eating a piece of chocolate cake, and that's happiness. I'm sitting on the deck, iced tea in one hand, a good book in the other, sun peeping through the cedar slats of the deck, just enough to warm my legs - that's happiness. Paying off my visa balance - that's happiness. Watching a good movie and laughing so hard my ribs ache - that's happiness. And yet, happiness is so much more, isn't it?

Happiness is biting into a great apple. It's the pucker your mouth makes when you bite into a Sour Patch Kid candy- the sour followed by the sweet taste of gummy bear. It's the smell of fresh baking bread in your oven on a Sunday afternoon - or better yet, taking the time to knead that dough into just the perfect loaf. And then being able to eat it hot, just out of the oven, with butter. That's true happiness.

Arriving home after a long day at work and commuting, and being greeted by my extra "hot" and special husband with a bouquet of roses - that's happiness.

Taking random photos of my cat, Snuggles, who, to me, is the most beautiful cat in the world and has a personality all his own- that's happiness.

Recieving the Petals Collection Sock yarn from Sundara, which, I must say, is just stunning this month (as the other months have been also), however, this month is particularly stunning - that's happiness (sorry the photo is so unclear!)

Baking a batch of chocolate chip cookies on a Saturday afternoon - the smell of chocolate and butter filling the house - that's happiness.

Finishing a baby sweater for a good friend's new baby (who is due this month). That's happiness.

Watching my lipstick plant bloom after not having it bloom for 2 years....that's wonderful happiness!

and seeing the love shared between my daughter and our puppy, Abby. That's happiness to me!

I guess Charlie Brown was actually trying to teach us something back then! Who would have guessed? :) wg


NeuroKnitter said...

Awesome post WG!!! where's my kleenex box??? :)

shannon said...

yeah, that was great. and, thanks for cleaning up those spam comments.


we heart happiness.