Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Birthday Fun!!

I had such an awesome birthday celebration!!! Wowie!!! It just kept going and going, much like the energizer bunny!

First off, Emily, Iris, Jen, Julie and Shannon threw me a surprise party at Abundant Yarn!! A girl couldn't ask for more than just hanging and knitting with her friends...but they threw in this:

A stunningly gorgeous skein of Schaeffer 'Anne' yarn in colors to make a dyed in the wool autumn girl like me go weak in the knees!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Did you see the chocolate leaves in the back of the photo...yum!!!

There were two, TWO!!, pumpkin yarn decorations...you guys are amazing!!! It's a long story, but suffice it to say, I had been fiending after these particular fall decorations after seeing them on display in a LYS with Jen just before the big bash. And now I have two, TWO!!! with some greenery to spare!!! Oh, yippy skippy!!

and see that ball of yarn in the back near the Sees candy (more yum!)...And the skein in the front...two, TWO!!! lovely skeins of Sundara yarn in 'Drunken Plum' in the sport merino! I have already started the toe...pics to follow soon!! It is soo soft and gorgeous...Oh my word!!!

And here is our dear sweet Gibson (Giving his Viking kitty impersonation here) standing guard over my stash!! :) See those zip lock envelopes in the basket...needle inventory cards!!! Way too cool!!

On Saturday, Jen, Iris and Shannon and I went up to Tina's for a Blue Moon Halloween Ball!! Too fun!!! That night Pete presented me with a cake (personalized above) and Raspberry champagne to match the dotted-swiss pattern on the cake (the same as on our wedding cake)!! Isn't he sweet and perfect...everyone together now...."He's a keeper!"

And on Sunday, Pete and I and my two sisters hooked up and went to see a move (the Departed), dinner and had more birthday cake (double yummy)!!

Thank you everyone for such an awesome celebration!!! I had a blast!!

Have a safe and fun Halloween everyone!!!

Happy knitting!!!


Wool Girl said...

WOW! Pete is definetely a keeper! Happy B-day again! :)

shannon said...

what a great bday week, and what a schmoopie of a hubbie you have! hope this was a fab bday, girlfriend - can't wait to see your newest acquisitions get all knitted up and stuff