Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ohhh Baby Baby!

post by WG

It seems to be that time of year...you know, the time when everyone under the sun seems to be pregnant and having a baby. WOW! I can't count the number of people I've seen just this past week who are look like they are about to deliver any day now. Several of the We Heart Yarners are knitting baby items as we speak, including miss WG herself. I was just going to knit up some baby socks (pattern courtesy of S), however, I had to start off with something much bigger, I guess. No, just baby socks alone would not do! I found the cutest little baby kimono sweater in the Mason Dixon Knitting book - it's a one piece little sweater, and I've chosen to knit it in Debbie Bliss Cotton DK in a mauve color. I must say, it's just too cute for words. I'm thinking about now adding the socks AND a hat to go along with it. We'll see....

I must also mention here, for my DH, that I've been working on his Petrified Wood STR socks, and yes, I will finish them soon. Soon, honey, soon. I know I've been saying that for quite some time, but I am determined to finish them sooner than soon, as the weather has seemed to turn chilly all of a sudden (wasn't it just 90 deg a few weeks ago?) and he pines for them every day. He begs me to try them (or the one I have almost complete) on his foot several times a day, so I know he really wants them and will appreciate them. I just need to complete them! Maybe it's the colorway that's slowing me down - the Petrified Wood is gorgeous, however, it's certainly not some of the stuff I've been working with lately (Rocktober comes to mind), and I seem to be motivated by color these days. But....I will finish them! Mark my words. I plan to finish them this week if it kills me! :) Sorry DH.

This Petrified Wood STR is lovely, and I must say, somewhat "fallish" (is that even a word???). Oh well, no need to use "real" words on this blog. We are free to say whatever, right?

Is there anything else to mention here? Hmmmm......I don't think so. So will sign off for now girls! .....

Oh yes, I almost forgot! Did I mention that I finished my Socktober socks?!!!!!
I must say, they are lovely, and warm, and just so comfy. I love them!!!!!


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shannon said...

ooh, baby, baby is right - i totally heart that little eensy weensy sweater! yikes!