Friday, October 27, 2006


First things first....Happy Birthday NK! All of here at W.H.Y. are wishing you all the best on this day and each day this next year! Hopefully your birthday was filled with wonderful, happy, memorable moments. We all love you!

Last week we all got together to celebrate NK's birthday at our local Abundant Yarn. What a great time it was - knitting with friends, watching NK open her birthday presents, eating wonderful lemon ginger scones, sharing great stories. What a great group of girls we have in this blog of ours! And here's to you, NK!

It was my job to post on our Rocktober socks last week - and as you can see, I'm a little behind on this. Sorry girls. Better late than never I always say! So, almost all of us are finished (no naming names), and WOW to each and every one! These socks are each 1 of a kind~each pair a completely different pattern, but each just perfect.

All socks displayed....

Julie's socks...she's been drinkin again! That water's a killer...

Bunches and bunches of socks....

Picot hogging all the flash!!!

The socks all jumbled together....

There's that picot again!

The stripes and colors just speak for themselves!

NK's leaf patterns are just stunning!

Our final post on the Rocktober socks will be this week, so we'll keep you posted. Then it's on to the Christmas KAL - what will we be up to next? :)

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bethc said...

Those look great!! What fun to see all those socks, all in the same yarn yet all so different!