Friday, October 20, 2006

a rockin', sockin' update

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an artsy-fartsy shot up the ribbing of a rocktober sock

the jumble of rocktober socks

hey! that's my sock!

a close-up of NK's stellar leaves

yeah, that's right, NK is now finished, too.

that just leaves jules, em, iris, and s to get on the ball in these last 11 days of rocktober

oh, and iris has finished one whole sock. with a picot.

come to think of it, so has jules. (no photo of just her fo)

hmmm...that leaves you and me, em, to get rolling. and, you were conspicuously absent yesterday...

i am almost finished turning heels. what about you, em?

where are you on the rockinest challenge this blog has ever faced?

todas las sockas

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