Saturday, January 21, 2006

Can I Get a What-What?

Extra, extra, read all about it!! I finally have a complete finished object!! (Since I took the photos tonight when I got home, they are a tad...dark. The colorway is uber-vibrant, not at all dull, as they may appear in these photos).


Jaywalker pattern, by Grumperina
STR yarn in Alina colorway
Mods: toe-up using the Rockin' Socks toe-up pattern (a Blue Moon Fiber Arts pattern), written by our own NeuroKnitter

Heart them, so happy to be done! Thanks for the support, weheartyarners, and for the fun times at our own little stitch and bitch - so glad J could join us, too.

So, weheartyarners, whow about a challenge, of sorts. (I'm kind of on a high for finishing a project - I feel like I have just been plugging away at all of my WIPs, without having much to show for it! Finishing projects is really, really good for the soul.):
Where are you on your projects? I propose that we all post project updates - for everything we are working on. I will try to post mine later this weekend. And, we cannot forget about our stash challenge, can we?


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