Thursday, January 26, 2006


Giddyup, indeed, E. After seeing your post, I am embarrassed to admit that cables were not on my knitting agenda (KA) last night. What was on my KA, you might ask? Wedding Crashers and Prickly Pear Jaywalkers. I couldn’t even THINK about something requiring the three C’s of Rogue: Concentration, Cable needles, or Charts. I am, however, pretty pleased that I am at the point in the patchwork version of toe-up Jaywalkers I have cobbled together from the patterns of knitters far more inventive and talented than I, that I am almost completely self-sufficient. I need no pattern, just needles and yarn. This is a liberating feeling, being able to create a sock without a pattern. I remember seeing NK do it, time after time, and thinking – how can she remember all of those steps? She can do the heel, just out of the blue, without sweating over a pattern?!?! Without demanding complete and utter silence?!?!?! No one is more surprised than I that I am just about there myself, at least with this pattern. Which is so nice. So refreshing. So fresh and so clean-clean.

But tonight, oh, tonight is for Rogue. She and I will hang out, we will cross cables correctly, we will spit-splice if need be, and we will begin the hood decreases, just like E and her Rogue. I will give her my concentration, my care. I will cross out charted rows, I will cross cables like crazy, I will make progress.

Oh, and E, I love your helpful hints! The sock thing for pulling from two ends of one skein, geez, I dig that – much better than my sour cream container idea! I will have to scour my sock drawer for oldies that are wearing out. I have already woven a pretty tangled web just by doing a few inches on Prickly Pair Jaywalkers.

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