Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Rogue of the Week (or month, or months)

E and I had a sit-down, and decided that we are going to renew our Rogue-along with the gusto such a super-fantastic sweater deserves. No more of this f-ing around, especially by yours truly. This sweater is such a gorgeous design, and winter actually seems to be waning here in the Pacific Northwest (I am one hell of a wishful thinker sometimes), AND we are at least half-way done with it, so we have laid out some ground rules for the Rogue-along:

1. We will set realistic goals each week AND actually complete these goals.

2. Sunday will be our Rogue Day, which means that we will EACH post a Rogue update, complete with photos and description of knitting trials, tribulations, and victories.

3. Rogue will be finished soon.

We are working our way through the hood right now – I have no progress photos, but the first chart page is finished, and we are aiming to get through half of the second chart page by Sunday night.

Oh, and I finished Tigersocks last night – S has them on right now (he actually wanted to sleep in them, but I put the kibosh on that), and casted on Prickly Pair Jaywalkers before work this morning! Yee-hawww!!!

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