Saturday, January 28, 2006

danger, will robinson, danger

the worst has happened.

i was happily knitting away on my fbs, the mystery project i am working on, which is up to about 230 stitches; halfway through the 7th row of the second-to-last repeat, and something didn't feel right. i looked back, along all those stitches, and something REALLY didn't look right. the bryspun circ (yeah, i THOUGHT i loved those oregon-made bryspuns. now the jury is definitely OUT) i was using had, now brace yourselves, ladies, BROKEN. just out of the blue, no advance notice, one minute it was fully joined, and the next, a clean break between needle and cord. there were about 40 live stitches, including all manner of lace manuevers: yarn overs, double decreases, k2tog, ssk, just hanging there, getting pulled all kinds of out of whack. because, i didn't realize it right away. why would i even entertain the thought that my needle would just up and quit? no, i continued to knit, and it wasn't until i reached the center of the project that things began to feel...yucky.

wtf??? shit. sfpd (this is a special curse taught to me by my dear mom. it does make one feel better at times like this).

i am soooo not happy right now. i am sooooo close to completing this, so close, in fact, that my knitting was almost automatic, and i was losing myself in the daydream of all the knitting i was going to get done this weekend. shoot, i had this baby done, off the needles, washed, and blocked by mid-afternoon, in my mind. i had even packed it nice and purty-like, to mail to the recipient.

and now this.

and now this.

so much for automatic knitting. maybe i need to spend a little down-time with the prickly pear jaywalkers, just to get my head back in the game


NeuroKnitter said...

I am just sick for you!!! Oh my gosh....what a PITA :( You need chocolate!!! Your shawl looks quite lovely tho!!

Wool Girl said...

So sorry to hear this! I can't even imagine the feeling...just think, this will make you a better knitter, right? :) You are in my thoughts!

I must say, however, that it looks just beautiful and your Rogue is awesome!

Neuroknitter said...

Aaah! I'm having traumatic flash backs to when my puppy got jealous at my clapotis shawl and gnawed the needle and several rows into pieces... But trust me, your shawl will turn out fabulous as fabulous can be in the end!!!!