Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I'm in Love!!!!

So, I've decided that I'm in love with socks, and I have to ask myself, how did this happen? I struggled with socks for the longest time, over a year, only finishing 1 sock and half of another, and really couldn't bring myself to finish the second sock. I just wasn't "in love" with the pattern or the yarn I used, frankly, and wasn't doing well with the "ankle" down approach. So, I tucked them away in some lonely drawer, amongst the other "misfit" yarn projects I didn't have the heart to complete, and today, a year or so later, I'm still left with those 1 and 1/2 socks. What to do with 1.5 socks? Hmmm, I will have to think on that one and post about it later. I don't think I will ever have the heart to finish them. But, and this is the great part, I don't care! Because I've actually fallen in love with socks, and this time it's here to stick! S and NK introduced me to the toe up pattern, and I've decided that I just can't get enough! The socks are knitting up beatifully, and I'm having dreams about them at night! (I'm taking that as a good sign:) Now if only I had more time to knit them! I need to do something about that, as there never seems to be enough time in a day.

Here are the Marbles JayWalker socks I started last week..... I'm ready to turn the heel!

And, I decided to work on another pair of Jaywalkers simultaneously, (I am that addicted!) so started a pair for my lovely sis in Socks that Rock Neptunite, which has some gorgeous striping also! Will post more on these socks as they increase in size....


Anonymous said...

"Might as well face it, you're addicted to socks..." :) I'm sure there are a lot worse vices! Why not unfrog the 1.5 socks and use the yarn for a new pair?

shannon said...

The addiction just gets worse and worse, but in the very best way. Welcome to the club, girl.

Love the photos - love both pairs of your Jaywalkers and cannot wait to see them in action.