Thursday, January 19, 2006

Four More Rows

So, E, this one's for you. I plugged away all evening on Rogue, poor, sweet Rogue, that beautiful young thang that I have been neglecting for waaaay too long now, and - ooh, girl, those cables!! More lovely than any we have done before. MMMM... I have 4 rows to go on the first cable chart. Four rows. Can I finish at our knitting group tomorrow? Hopefully.

And, to Rogue: I am truly sorry for the lackadaisical attitude these last few weeks - I will not neglect you again. I was blinded my multi-projects, by Jaywalkers and tiger socks, by the possibility of casting on something brand new. The itchy fingers. But you, my dear, are so damned gorgeous (if you overlook all of the...happy accidents infused in you). You will hug me before the winter ends, and I will hug you back.


Wool Girl said...

This is absolutely awesome! WG

Anonymous said...

Shannon, and all of your friends who are knitting Rogue, I love tracking your progress. My next project will also be Rogue, and wait anxiously for a new picture of your knitting progress!
Knit on Fellow Knitting Soldier!