Saturday, January 07, 2006

Let's Talk About Socks, Baby

Oh, Wool Girl, how do I love your Kiri? Let me count the ways - I love it for the depth of color, the softness of yarn, the warmth it will bring. Looking forward to trying it on, girl!

Emily - don't you let that WG influence you - we will stick to our yarn diets, at least for the first month or so. We can do it, we really can. And we can finish all of those projects that have been languishing on (or near) the needles, calling to us in the dead of night, fighting the new yarn, the new projects, for the love only our knitterly hands can provide. We will finish them, and then we will wear them while working on our new projects...

I know I am beating a dead horse here with these Jaywalker photos, but they made their public debut on Friday, and I, being the fanatic member of the paparazzi I am, snapped a shot as they reclined under my desk (they refused to sign any autographs, but were more than happy to pose for their fans):

As a part of my continuous New Year's Resolutions, I have made a silent promise to myself (which I will now share with you), regarding my knitting. This morning, I wound up all of the "good" sock yarn that I have, and realized, to my surprise and elation, that I have enough good, super-wash sock yarn to make 10 pairs of socks. That should last me through this yarn diet, and through this obsession with socks that seems to have sprung up on me.

Entire Sock Yarn Stash

Stash of Socks That Rock yarn

Not that this will stop me from coveting, fiending, and possibly sneaking a new skein or two, but theoretically, I am set. So, what does this have to do with Resolutions, you might ask? Ha, ha, I will tell you. With photos.


1. Rogue. E and I have been Rogue-ing it together for a while now, and, although we took a break from this fantastic project, we have both decided to get back to it. *gulp* We came to the decision that the hood will be done by Tuesday. Here is where I am:

See, no hood. Also, the shoulders are not yet completed and sewn together, which needs to be done BEFORE beginning the hood. AND, I have bowling Monday night. AND, due to a non-knitting related resolution, I am having the most difficult time concentrating on even the simplest thing, which brings me to both #2 and #3.

2. Tiger Socks.

Due to my lack of concentration abilities, these are the absolute perfect project - just straight up sock knitting. yeah, baby, that's why I finished Tiger #1 this morning. One of the best things about this project is this: I got to the heel while on the bus, a good 1/2 hour from home, where my pattern was. I took a deep breath, delved into my memory, and was able to complete the heel decreases FROM MEMORY. WITHOUT CONSULTING A PATTERN. Does this mean that I am officially on my way to becoming a "Sock Knitter?" Whoo-hoo. But that still leaves me with one to go. I will NOT suffer from Second Sock Syndrome (SSS). (Which leads me to #4).

3. The Mystery Project. Not a difficult knit, but does require some concentration. Must finish soon. Is on a deadline that is way too close for me to actually accomplish.

4. Jaywalker 1.5, called so because I did the first one in a few days, and then never casted on for the second (see "dreaded SSS"). I will finish this pair. I WILL. The yarn is STR Alina colorway.

5. STR Prickly Pair, a gift from E, will become yet another pair of Jaywalkers. E and I have decided to become twins (see Rogue, Prickly Pair Jaywalkers).

5. And, just so I don't acually run out of things to do, as I was winding my sock yarn I came across this Lorna's Laces Shephard Sock Yarn, which will make the most fantastic pair of Jaywalkers (if, that is, I am not completely sick of the pattern by the time I get to them). The colorway is "Jungle Stripe." Yummy. Green and purple.

So you see, I really have my work cut out for me, which makes me wonder why I am sitting up here, on the computer, when I really should be casting on a Tiger, or a Jaywalker, or picking up stitches for Rogue's hood, or making progress on the Mystery Project. Hmmm...I will see you all later...

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