Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Weekend Knitting and a Reflection on the Healing Properties of Purchasing Yarn

(Wool Girl, if you want to read the title of my post as an encouragement to purchase yarn, that is your perogative).

Wool Girl, I could not agree with you more - there is something to be said for getting something in the mail that is neither bills nor junk, something just for you. There is also something almost ADD about knitting, at least the way the Yarn Hearters go about it – there are so many gorgeous yarns, so many beautiful projects, colors, styles, whoa – my head spins just thinking about it! I know I have too many projects on the needles and in my to-do list, but I, like you, WG, cannot stop myself from casting on more and more and more! (At least in my head – with these resolutions, both the spoken and unspoken ones, I am attempting to curb that desire, because, you know, ladies, FINISHED OBJECTS ROCK!! – Right, NK? Those Jaywalkers are divine, by the way, just lovely!)

Speaking of not staying on task, not finishing what I started, and frantically jumping from one thing to another, knitting this weekend was mad crazy! I was hopping from project to project, a few rows here, a few rows there, and as a result, each of my OTN projects is a tad further along. None are finished, unfortunately, but all are further along. Too many deadlines looming.

Rogue – E is waiting for me, because I am way behind. Do you know how guilty that makes me feel?!?!?

Mystery Project – one week past the date this was to be done by, and I still have a good ways to go.

Tiger Socks – have turned the heel on numero dos, so am very close. Like, days away, hopefully.
Jaywalker 1.5, number 2 – turned the heel last night (actually turned Tiger’s heel and J1.5’s heel), and then will finish soon.

I really need to finish some of these projects, because I really, REALLY want to cast on some more socks, a whole pair on two circulars…Marbles (STR) is waiting, as are two gorgeous rare gems. Yummy, yummy, yummy to my tummy, tummy, tummy! Oh, and Prickly Pear – gosh, can’t forget about her absolute beauty!

This weekend, I will photograph my stash. Promise.

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