Sunday, January 29, 2006

Rogue Update and a Corner Turned

I have made a full recovery from yesterday's not-so-happy accident. The FBS is back on track, but she's not much farther along than she was when the mishap occurred. I do believe she will survive, however. (thanks for the supportive comments, NK).

When I was at my worst yesterday, when curses were flying outta my mouth faster than I could catch 'em, I turned to what has become my old faithful, socks. The particular socks that helped me through this trying time? Prickly Pear Jaywalkers. They did not let me down. Not at all. I hung out with them for a good portion of yesterday, and used them to help me calm down and figure out how to fix fbs, and they really did help. I got to the heel turn on both socks, hence the corner turned. I have loved them from the first, before they were even toes, but now love them even more, for being there for me in my time of deep, deep need.

In other happy and productive knitting news, Rogue is completed through row 63. She just gets purtier and purtier. E, whattaya think about finishing the hood by next Sunday? Shouldn't be a problem, and we can get together next week to knit and figure out that last part, if it proves to be difficult.

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NeuroKnitter said...

Oh wow! Your Prickly pear socks are amazing! Just gorgeous Shannon!! And Rogue--cables rock! Awesome!!!