Monday, January 09, 2006

FO Alert!!

Like I promised myself, I finished two projects over the long New Year's weekend! I can reward my self with stash enhancement, right??

First up, is the Lacy leaf scarf from the Spring 2005 VK:

Yarn: STR "Falcon's Eye"

Needles: Size 5

Yardage: I had plenty of yarn, so I just knit until it was long enough...

I love it!! Here is another shot....

Second up are a pair of STR "Alina" socks.

What more can I say? They are cushy, comfy, awesomely rockin' socks!!

See tomorrow's post for what I started!!


shannon said...

Ooh, jealous knitterly envy overtaking me...want a scarf like that, want my alina socks to be done, too, want, want, want.

But seriously, NK, beautiful socks, beautiful post...

Anonymous said...

You are soooo creative! You inspire me!