Tuesday, January 17, 2006

FO ahead!

They're done!!! Jaywalker pair #2!!!

Specs and Mods:

STR in "Italian Stoneware" (my name for this gorgeous one of a kind rare gem!!)

I worked these socks together using 1 needle in the specified size via the magic loop method. I am a pretty dyed in the wool wooden dpn fan(atic), particularly rosewood needles, so this was a bit of a stretch for me. But you know what? Loved it! When I was done, I was DONE! Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement Shannon!

CO 60 stitches with size 2 Addis. Changed to size 4 after the cuff. Changed to size 1 Addis for the heel flap and turn, I made the flap a wee bit longer than usually called for, as I hate when the heel creeps down! Picked up stitches and continued down the foot and toes with size 2 Addis. They fit close to perfectly, even over the heel! I used two skeins of the old put-up (approx 200 yds each) and had plenty left over. For inquiring minds, I wear a 9-medium in ladies shoes, and 39 medium in birkies.

Drum roll please......

On another note...the other three hearters of yarn and I have been discussing our stashes. I thought I would open the discussion with this....

OK ladies....your turn to ante up!!


Wool Girl said...

Your socks are absolutely amazing! And I envy your yarn stash!

shannon said...

Oh, man, we are really doing this, eh? Alright alright, this weekend I will photograph the old stash!

Anonymous said...

Goodness gracious, those are so colorful! Would you like them to be in the gallery?